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Dr. P. Jackisch, MD, DMD,
Antiaging Specialist, Member of international societies for Antiaging Medicine.

Created by Dr.Jackisch, the Celyoung™ line of skin-care products provides both immediate and lasting results, virtually turning back the hands of time to give you smooth, glowing skin. From head to toe, Celyoung™ products will rejuvenate and refresh you, making your skin look younger, tighter and firmer. It's like finding the fountain of youth in a bottle! What's the secret to Celyoung's success?

- Extensive scientific research is the first step in developing each and every product in the Celyoung™ skin-care line. Our products are formulated with unique pharmaceutical-grade ingredients of exceptional purity. Each one undergoes rigorous clinical testing before earning our laboratory's stamp of approval.

- Our products are guaranteed to deliver outstanding benefits for even the most sensitive skin. They contain intensive repair properties, which result in prolonged hydration and dramatically retextured skin.

- Presented in attractive packaging, Celyoung™ products are manufactured in Germany and will cleanse, lift and stimulate your skin, restoring its natural youth-fulness and vitality.

Our most highly effective product is the Celyoung™ Antiaging Cream. Hailed as the Mercedes-Benz of skin-care products, it's been scientifically measured to reduce wrinkle depth up to 54 percent in just four weeks! "We invest in daily research", said Dr. Peter Jackish, director of the Celyoung™ research laboratories and a certified antiaging expert. "All Celyoung™ products are allergy-tested, clinically-approved and doctor-recommended. The ingredients they contain possess a number of similarities to human skin lipids, which is a key factor in Celyoung's effectiveness as a skin-repair agent.

Researchers found that the skin hydration provided by Celyoung™ ingredients con-tinued for at least two days after application. In comparison, the hydrating effects of similar skin-care products could not be detected ten hours after application. "The ability of Celyoung™ to help repair skin-barrier function has been shown to be superior even to ceramides. Scientific studies have proven that Celyoung™ ingredients are nearly twice as effective as the physiological lipids." Medical-grade Celyoung™ offers innumerable benefits and works like a veritable fountain of youth! You'll look gorgeous, youthful and glowing.

This is your chance. Take it!